K-Laser for Fungal Nail Infections

K-Laser is a safe and simple treatment for fungal nail infections!

The laser beam will target the fungus across the nail bed. As nails grow slowly, results become visible several months later. Simple & Safe You will feel a small amount of heat generated by the laser for a few minutes. No anaesthesia is required. You can wear socks and shoes immediately after the procedure. To minimise the risk of recurrence, you may need additional treatments depending on the severity of the infection.

Our nail fungal program is run over a 5-week period. Patients undergo the treatment once a week over a five-week period. In some cases, additional treatments are required.

K-Laser for Plantar Fasciitis

High Power Laser can be used for a variety of musculoskeletal pathologies; however Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common we treat. Laser light energy to penetrate the affected area, which generates bio-stimulation of the cells of that tissue. There are many benefits of using Laser for foot and ankle injuries. The main benefits of laser are:

  • Laser is painless
  • Analgesic effect (pain relief)
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-oedema effect
  • Improves tissue healing and growth production

Treatment takes 3-5 minutes and is performed between 3-5 days apart. The number of treatments varies depending on a number of factors, however most patients undertake between 4-6 treatments.