Ingrown Toenail Procedure

Ingrown Toenail Procedures (Partial Nail Avulsion PNA) becomes an option when conservative (non-surgical) methods have not adequately provided relief of pain and/ or infection associated with a toenail that pierces the skin at the side of the nail.

 The advantages of a PNA include permanent correction of the Ingrown Toenail with minimal or no postoperative pain. There are no stitches required with a PNA procedure. Patients can walk immediately following the procedure and do not require crutches.

The Partial Nail Avulsion Procedure

  • Following the local anaesthetic, the toe is prepped with antiseptic to minimise the risk of infection. The toe is then draped with sterile drapes and the procedure is performed using sterile instrumentation and aseptic technique.  
  • The procedure involves gently lifting the offending ingrown nail side away from the nail bed and nail fold. This small portion of the nail and nail root is then removed without making any incisions.
  • A chemical is then used to create a small burn to the nail root region to prevent re-growth of the offending side of the nail. A tourniquet is applied during the procedure, so there is minimal bleeding.
  • The toe is then heavily bandaged.  An appointment will be made 3 days following the procedure for a review of the site and re-dressing.