[accordion title=”Do I need a referral to see a Podiatrist?” is_open=”no”] No referral is required.

[/accordion] [accordion title=”Does Medicare cover Podiatry consultations?” is_open=”no”]

Medicare will only provide rebates to patients with an eligible Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC).

[/accordion] [accordion title=”What is an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC)?” is_open=”no”]

The EPC is a Medicare initiative that provides patients who have a chronic medical condition (e.g. diabetes) with up to 5 podiatry consultations per year.
 Patients are only eligible to receive an EPC from their General practitioner.

[/accordion] [accordion title=”Can the podiatrists refer me for an X-ray, ultrasound or MRI?” is_open=”no”]


[/accordion] [accordion title=”I have private health insurance (with Podiatry cover) can I access my private health rebate onsite when I come in for my appointment?” is_open=”no”]

Yes, we have Hicaps facilities at our clinics.

[/accordion] [accordion title=”If I am booking a consultation as a TAC or Work safe patient, do I need a referral?” is_open=”no”]

Yes, you will be required to have your referral and claim number prior to your consultation.

[/accordion] [accordion title=”Is there a discount for pensioners?” is_open=”no”]